Hugh Salivary (kwouk) wrote in megalomaniax,
Hugh Salivary

Lapdogs of the gods

It is my belief that the word nipple was once spelled with a 'K', making it 'knipple'. The K was silent and the word for this wondrous anatomical phenomenon was pronounced much like as in the words knight, knockers, or knowledge. Unfortunately, like a vestigial tail removed at birth, this extra letter has evolved out of usage and has long been forgotten, until now that is.

I, Kwouk, have decided that from henceforth the word knipple be spelled with a K (in honor of myself, of course). I will be using this spelling in all of my communications, and expect those wishing to communicate with me to do the same. In addition, for a brief period of time, to emphatically punctuate the return of this word to it's rightful spelling, am pronouncing the K sound.

Say it loud and proud: knipple...knipple...KNIPPLE!
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